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Taking Visionary Highly Sensitives from Victim to Leadership

Hi, The Integral Core Project is based on a concept that does not separate the mental, emotional, physical , and energetic levels, but considers them to be an integral system.

Highly sensitive people (HSP) and many change leaders are particularly attuned to this WHOLE.

Are you an HSP, Empath or HSP change leader who struggles with daily life or in your job?

Are you struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety or other taxing physical symptoms that keep you from showing up?

Are you looking for trauma-informed coaching or therapy?


Highly-Sensitive Change Leaders: Heal to have an Impact!

My passion is to empower YOU to self-actualise, to embrace your sensitivity and special gifts. Supporting you in releasing the need for conformity with a system that does not suit you. Supporting you in stepping forward as a change maker and impact the direction of the deep change we find ourselves in.

May your beautiful and vibrant voice be heard clearly in our messy and complex world.

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Coaching für HSP Change Leaders

The Creative Mind

Creativity is tackling challenge, improving what exists today. W. Vandervelde

Highly sensitive managers often find it difficult to assert their style of leadership. Burnout and depression are the result. Find your own way! Your talents are needed to create better futures for all of us.

Coaching for Highly-Sensitives

The Lion Heart

Your Essence is Beautiful!. J.Berlage-Buccellati

We all have a deep need to express ourselves in our unique ways and to shape our lives according to our specific talents and gifts. Fulfillment is the gift that we receive when we stand authentically and courageously in our individual potential.

Performance Coaching

The Vibrant Voice

Watch for all the beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence. Rumi

Many HSPs suffer from stage fright, fear of public appearances, and a great fear of being visible and audible. Voice and body always reveal our unresolved emotional biography. But the body is also the key to solving our problems.

A crisis represents a deep desire

Waiting to be fulfilled!