I am a  trauma-informed coach  and  humanistic integrative  therapist (HPG) who supports highly-sensitives, empaths and high potential individuals to explore and step into their potential. My experience as as a singer and vocal coach allows me to support you as a performance coach.

A few years ago I  created  Qi- Pilates to support my clients in reconnecting with their bodies in a creative way.

My path led me me from a degree in science (biology/ anthropology) and music at Bates College, USA, and at Frankfurt University to body work, receiving a certification on my Pilates training with Alan Herdman in the late 1980's. 1982 I started to train Karate and Modern Dance. The organized flow of life energy and the focused attitude of mind inherent in both approaches has strongly influenced my work. In 2017 I earned a master's degree in music therapy and began to fuse the various threads of work into one integral and innovative approach to support HSP. In 2020 I completed a course as a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator (Dr. Sue Morter) in order to deepen my understanding of energy work.

In March 2023 I completed a certification in Embodied Processing that allows me to work in a trauma-informed manner.

I trained singing with Esther Salaman, David Harper, Laura Sarti and Tom Krause. 

Life lessons

I was born into a privileged multi-cultural family. Yet, when looking back at my life I realize that growing up, there were too many conflicting demands put on me . Add the experience of being bullied for who I was, leaving me deeply disempowered, with an eating disorder, panic attacks and sabotaging success and fulfillment at every possible corner. For most of my younger years it seemed simply safer to avoid a good life, rather than dare to show how gifted I was. Following my bliss seemed utterly impossible. 


On my path, I had the luck to meet wonderful teachers and mentors. They patiently and kindly taught me about the deeper meaning of self-respect, self-love and true empowerment.  

When a severe illness challenged me at the same time that I was confronted with a very difficult marital situation something began to shift inside me. I was in the true sense of the word sick of it.

There was no more time to waste on self-denial, self-denigration and bring a doormat for others.

Looking back, I realize that my life lessons were all about embodying emotional, physical and mental core strength. They centered on understanding about true self-respect, the right kind of boundaries and an appropriate kind of self-love.


My mission grew out of the lessons that life presented to me. Empowering other highly-sensitives and high potential individuals to self-actualize, to embrace their sensuality, their talents, their power and their unique gifts. Expressing them in a way that serves both themselves and their community. We live in a deeply changing world and each and every one of us is needed!
We are called to contribute to creating a world where respect and joy for life are more important than our old destructive and toxic ways of interacting with others and our planet. This transformation necessitates that we are centered and empowered so that we cannot be so easily manipulated by the chaos that surrounds us.


  • 1985-1992 Degrees in Biology, Anthropology and Music, Bates College, USA and Johann-Wolfgang University Frankfurt
  • 1986-7 Pilates Certification with Alan Herdman, London
  • 2015 Certified Wingwave Coach
  • 2015 Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (Certified non-medical practitioner psychotherapy)
  • 2017 Master in Music therapy (Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg)
  • 2020 Certified Energy Codes Facilitator
  • 2020 Author of the book Sing from Your Core, Schott Verlag, Mainz
  • 2023 Certification Embodied Processing (Trauma Therapy)