Sing from Your Core

The Vocal Body

This book addresses singers of all kinds, from professionals to amateurs. It is about exploring and owning your authentic voice!

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When it all comes down to it,

At the innermost core

We are our own hearts.

Not the ones pulsing blood like the beat of the ocean

Or salty-sick tears to mimic emotion,

But a bright, shining moonstone of a heart,

Plucked from the sky and infused with our qualities,

All of our dreams, personality

Fears and realities

All pulled together from mutual disparity

Into the real us, something of clarity

All tucked away at

The core

Our core.....

(Iron Butterfly, 2012)

Own your authentic voice

The book is based on my long experience with the voice, coaching/therapy and bodywork. It reflects my integral approach to the art of singing and to vocal coaching.

In writing this book I wanted to give voice students the possibility to explore, experience and trust their vocal body through an easy to use work-book. All exercises can be done either on your own, with a trusted friend or a vocal coach that is willing to experiment with you. All exercises are meant to simplify your approach to singing and performing, by reintroducing the wisdom of your body and your expressiveness into the process.

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Excerpts of the review in the Newsletter of the British Voice Association:  (Summer 2021) Volume 21, Issue 2

Reviewed by Alessandra Testai

Jole Berlage-Buccellati came to the study of the voice through an intriguing personal history which encompasses martial arts, biology, anthropology, piano and Theatre Studies; all this alongside a journey from her native Germany to the USA, then to London, and back to Germany, where she met her vocal inspiration in Tom Krause. In her introduction, she describes her book as “addressed to all kinds of singers, from professionals to amateurs”, and this is certainly a good book for any singer who wants to develop their creativity, expression and understanding of singing beyond what we can call a functional technique. Little in size, this is a portable guide to be made use of anywhere and at any time. The book is clearly and helpfully laid out in sections.

Essentially, this is the integration of physical, mental and emotional development in the study of singing, both for the student and the established performer. 

As a singer and teacher I came to ‘Sing from your Core’ with some trepidation, having explored many ‘alternative’ singing methods; perhaps I was unnecessarily on my guard against another vague ‘new age’ approach. If so, these doubts were not justified, because this book offers a solid and practical perspective on singing technique. For the experienced singer it will be a useful reminder of how and why we do it, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to the intelligent young singer who has perhaps had enough of more academic approaches. Both will find food for thought in this attractive little book.

Fabian Blaschke

Excellent book! Loved it. Reconnecting to my vocal body has made such a difference to my level of confidence. I keep going back to it for more inspiration and guidance.

Danielle Krause

This is an excellent resource! Sing From your Core is well laid out, providing excellent information and exercises for both professionals as well as and amateur singers. It is easy to follow and provides interesting and useful information to help free up and relax the creative artist. I am so grateful that theses teachings have been gathered and put into printed form.

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