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The Integral Core Project is based on a concept that does not separate the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levelsbut considers them to be an integral system. Highly sensitive people and Change Makers are particularly attuned to this WHOLE.

Are you an HSP, Empath or HSP change leader who struggles with daily life or in your job? Are you struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety or other taxing physical symptoms that keep you from showing up?

Are you looking for trauma-informed coaching or therapy?

Highly-sensitive Change Leaders: Heal to have an Impact!

My take on high-sensitivity is that it is a spectrum. It is  also often combined with high empathy and also with high potential and is expressed and experienced in a highly individual manner.

Many of us just do not seem to fit into the mold. That is where trauma must be added to the equation. Many problematic expressions of HSP traits can actually be traced back to traumatic events. Adverse Childhood Experiences or other kinds of trauma can deeply influence our ability to thrive.

The bodies of highly sensitive people are like highly sensitive antennas, usually scanning their environment non-stop, and getting completely disconnected from themselves in the process. You suffer. 

Highly-sensitives often feel marginalised, exploited or even worthless. To compensate this pain of not belonging, we begin to mimic life, and apply unconscious, toxic adaptation strategies, that ultimately cause us to manipulate our inner core in order to survive! In the long run this leads to an inner void, burn-out and anxiety. What a sad loss of potential!

My passion is to empower YOU to self-actualise, to embrace your sensitivity and special gifts. Supporting you in releasing the need for conformity with a system that does not suit you. Supporting you in stepping forward as a change maker and impact the direction of the deep change we find ourselves in.

May your beautiful and vibrant voice be heard clearly in our messy and complex world.

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