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From Overwhelm to Empowerment


From Problem to Opportunity

Are you an HSP, Empath or HSP change maker who struggles with daily life or in your job?
Are you an HSP, empaths or change maker who struggles with low self-esteem, anxiety or other taxing physical symptoms that keep you from showing up?

Are you looking for trauma-informed coaching or therapy?

My take on high-sensitivity is that it is a spectrum. It is  also often combined with high empathy and also with high potential. That explains why high-sensitivity is expressed and experienced in a highly individual manner.

Many of us - especially those who identify as change makers - just do not seem to fit into the mold in so many ways. That is where trauma must be added to the equation. Many problematic expressions of HSP traits can actually be traced back to traumatic events. Adverse Childhood Experiences or other kinds of trauma can deeply influence our ability to thrive. 

People who are very sensitive, highly gifted, or highly empathic often feel marginalised, exploited or even worthless. To compensate this pain of not belonging, we begin to mimic life, and apply unconscious, toxic adaptation strategies, that ultimately cause us to manipulate our inner core in order to survive!

In the long run this leads to an inner void, burn-out and anxiety. What a sad loss of potential!

The bodies of highly sensitive people are like highly sensitive antennas, usually scanning their environment non-stop, and getting completely disconnected from themselves in the process. You suffer. 

The Integral Core program is special because it supports you not only on the mental level, but to also includes the physical and energetic aspects of being an HSP.

My passion is to empower YOU to self-actualise, to embrace your sensitivity and special gifts. Supporting you in releasing the need for conformity with a system that does not suit you
. Supporting you in stepping forward as a change maker and impact the direction of the deep change we find ourselves in.

May your beautiful and vibrant voice be heard clearly in our messy and complex world.

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The Integral Core Project is based on a concept that does not separate the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levelsbut considers them to be an integral system. Highly sensitive people and Change Makers are particularly attuned to this WHOLE.

The Creative Mind 

Change Maker Coaching

Creativity is tackling challenge, improving what exists today. W. Vandervelde

Highly sensitive people often struggle in a business context. Many leave their job because they burn out. It doesn't have to be that way! Receive support in developing true resiliency that allows you to enjoy your work in a creative, empowered and constructive wayImprove your confidence! Inspire others with your mission and talents. Have the courage to shine brightly in a business world where your light is sorely needed to help build a better future for all of us.

The Lion Heart

HSP & Change Maker Coaching

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

O. Wilde

We all have a deep desire to express ourselves in our unique way . To shape our lives according to our specific talents and gifts. Fulfillment is the gift we receive when we authentically and courageously stand by our individual potential.
Learn to harness your high sensitivity or giftedness to create positive options for yourself and others. Allow your life energy to flow through you and contribute to society in a self-actualized sovereign version of yourself.

The Vibrant Voice

Watch for all the beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence. Rumi

HSP's and HSP performers are especially oriented towards sensing.

The voice always manifest our unresolved emotional biography, and is often an important pathway to resolving your challenges.
Acknowledging the sovereignty of the physical, energetic  and emotional body is essential for confidence on stage.  When the essence of our being is authentically expressed through the body, its innate beauty and quiet authority is revealed.


Your Core is Powerful

Our core  contains all our potential and power.  If we live mostly according to other people's rules and standards, we lose access to our life force in the long run. There are many power robbers, such as: the beliefs that our parents or ancestors held, societal demands, gender rules, toxic people.
Especially HSP women allow to be manipulated by the compulsion to conform and coerced to suppress  power. HPS's often trade their passions, joyful expression and potential for a supposedly safe conformity.
You can build resilience through understanding what type of HSP you are and learn about the special needs that you have. The more you build a powerful core and trust your essence the more you will be able to express your potential.
Your Essence is Beautiful

What my clients say

Due to client privacy protection SOME names are abridged.  

I am happy to provide personal references on request!

I've always been a very sensitive person. A few years ago the world became too much for me and I thought there was something wrong with me, as my friends labeled me picky and complicated. The first time I heard the term HSP was through Jole, and to acknowledge that it is not a problem but a way of being, and to learn I could find ways to have a good life and still be sensitive was amazing. The work she does helps people like me to have a better life, to protect our energy and not just to accept, but to value who we are. To understand how important we are to society. Besides that, it helps other people to learn how to better deal with us. In such an intense and overstimulated world, her work is more than necessary. Thank you Jole!

Paula Laper Giorgini, Brazil

For much of my career, I have been fortunate to have some amazing coaches, mentors, and sponsors so I know the value. I met Jole as part of The Change Leaders’ community. As a knowledge based professional, I spend a lot of my time in my head. With Jole I am exploring my energy system; my relationship with and to it and its role in my inter-personal interactions. This is the work I am doing with Jole with strong results.

Rebecca Hill, Principal Consultant, Wise Sherpa

It is remarkable and amazing what these sessions do to me! Suddenly there is more serenity and ease in everyday life. I am starting to enjoy myself again.

Thank you Jole!


I am writing to you because of a patient of mine whom you are treating with great success and whom I hardly recognize (in the most positive sense).
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing therapy which,
after years of martyrdom, now seems to have enabled the patient, thanks to you, to lead a completely different (and more positive) life
- just awesome.
M.D.Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Jole guides you in gentle way and she holds a very safe space.  She adapted the visualizations to me and the fact thatI am more kinesthetic than visual. Jole nurtured my HSP aspects, by using many tools in addition to EP which made me feel accepted and cared for as a whole. I have benefited greatly from the sessions.

Gaelle Penhallow, UK Creative Arts Therapist

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A crisis represents a deep desire waiting to be fulfilled!