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Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Freude mit diesen kurzen Videos zu Themen, die für die meisten HSP's relevant sind. Die Videos sind alle in englischer Sprache.

1.Episode of my mini series on HSP empowerment. HSP's are the missing link in the transformation of our dysfunctional society.The healed HSP has many talents and gifts that are sorely needed at this time.

"The HSP Spectrum" - 2. Episode of Mini Talks on HSP Empowerment and Gifts. In this talk I explain the basis of my approach on how we need to integrate our different core elements in order to heal.

Explore this relaxation exercise that works wonders when your body is uptight from too much tension.


                    This is a short Grounding and Clearing Meditation for you to listen to and download if you like

                     Music: Matias Romero Acuña, Aural Sounds

Free Grounding and Clearing Meditation download


Herz-Kohärenz Meditation

Selbstbewertungsfragebogen: Sind Sie ein HSP?