Options for Change

Transformational Pathways

Installment payment is possible.

I’m grateful to be able to offer some of my sessions on a sliding scale

All quoted fees are net of taxes where applicable.

1:1 Coaching in Hamburg
1:1 Coaching Online

One-to one coaching is suited to those who want to explore their situation without being bound to a specific time frame. Sometimes as little as 2-5 sessions are all you need to resolve a particular challenge. Maybe you want to book additional sessions whenever new challenges arise, without being bound to a weekly rhythm.

Your investment

€ 120.-/ 60 min
€ 180.- / 90 min

Trauma-informed Manifestation

Despite our earnest desires and aspirations, our fears and past traumas often hinder us from pursuing our goals and leading a more fulfilled life. Emotional barriers can prevent us from initiating or maintaining the necessary actions to achieve our goals, overcome a challenge and /or create a significant impact.

Your investment

4 x 60 min plus 1 Akashic Record Reading

€ 600.

Small bundle

6 x 90 min and 2 x 60 min

The small bundle is designed for those who know that addressing certain challenges will take more time and support than just 3-5 sessions. This bundle of 8 sessions is for you if you know that your challenge may need more time and commitment to work through. If you tend to procrastinate or carry trauma this path will offer you support, guidance and accountability checks so that can find the courage to transform challenging aspects of your life. This path offers more time for transformational embodied processes and energy education that is so essential for HSPs. The sessions must be redeemed within 4 months.

Your investment

€ 1150. –

Large Bundle

8 x 90 min and 4 x 60 min

This larger bundle is for those who want to take a deeper dive into a hard-wired challenge. Profound transformation requires time. Time to explore and time to integrate. I will support and guide you through rough seas should they arise. Which deep desire wants to surface? What wants to be seen and heard and evolve into a meaningful part of your life? This path offers the most opportunity for individually tailored sessions. It leaves time to look at traumatic events and allow the body to process emotions and feelings that are released form the system. Sessions need to be redeemed within 6 months.

Your investment

€ 1700.-

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