The Integral Core Project

A Holistic Approach to Transformative Healing 

Highly-Sensitive Change Leaders:
Heal to have an Impact!

The Integral Core Project is a systematic method that allows for co-creation between coach and client. Various trauma-informed resources such as Wingwave, Brainspotting, Tapping, Embodied Processing, breath work and voice work are combined with a solid psychotherapeutic background to allow for major shifts in a gentle way. More than anything we are sensual and feeling Be-ings. We are electro-magnetic beings. Many highly sensitive people, empaths and high potential individuals  have problems with energy hygiene. When we begin to take our power back to our core we reclaim sovereignty over the quality of our life experience. Be invited to let go of the challenges of your emotional biography without ruminating on “the problem” or re-traumatising yourself in an attempt to resolve your discomfort.

Truly, we cannot live what we do not want to feel!

The courage to walk our path is often buried underneath toxic and worn-out concepts about the world and ourselves.

Harsh judgements or traumata that we were subjected to earlier in life create distortions and resistance in our energy field. Our true voice is buried underneath a need for perfection or a false belief that we must over-adapt to be loved, cutting us off from our full potential. Most causes for our pain and discomfort are not consciously available to us. Our body however, keeps the score! If we do not allow ourselves to feel the emotions we hide underneath our emotional trapdoor we cannot let go of anxiety, tension, mind-fog etc..


Physical Core

Above all, learn how to breathe correctly. Joseph Pilates

There is an innate beauty in a body that authentically reflects its core essence. The physical core is not only your energy center and the way you “position” yourself in life, but also a reflection of your inner attitude towards life. Your body reflects your beliefs.

Emotional Core

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. David Richo

We all experience emotional injuries that stifle our potential. We stop trusting ourselves, other people and above all life! Anxiety, social anxiety, fatigue, depression, panic attacks or other signs of disease reflect this disorganisation of our nervous systems.

Mental Core

Create options not limitations! John Jenkins

What do you believe about yourself, about others, about the world? How much interference distorts your truths. How much of “you” have you left behind? Resiliency is determined by your ability to create opportunities where your mimd tells you that there are none.

Energetic Core

At the most elemental , we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Lynne McTaggert

We are electro-magnetic beings. An energy field surrounds our body that is influenced positively or negatively by imprints from childhood, our ancestral load, our joys and pains from those around us. Many problems are rooted in faulty energy hygiene.

Dare to be you!