In this world you are a bird
Do not deny the space nor the song
It would be beautiful
and sufficient if you could hold the

unique note
that God destined for you in his free composition.

Anne Perrier, Poésie 1960-1986

Nurturing empowered Sensitivity: Supportive Community for HSPs, Empaths, and Change Makers

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The intention of this group is to create a safe space in a community to share, contemplate and grow with like-minded people. It is a place to share your challenges and gifts as an HSP.  A place to release the victim and invite the lion heart.


Find empowerment in your gifts!

Find your voice! Practice using your voice to share your insights and gifts 🙂
Co-create and inspire the group by taking the opportunity to share your gifts during sessions. Co-create by bringing impulses, insights and creative ideas into the group.

Make a commitment to step out of being a victim and stop feeding your shadow.


We meet once a month for 60 –90 min via Zoom.

I am based in Germany, CET time zone.

Typically, I begin meetings by leading a meditation, exercise, or contemplation, followed by introducing a topic for discussion and development.

Investment: The cost is €15 on a subscription basis.

Subscription link

Contact Me

You can join the group by contacting me
via E -mail or via Instagram.

Ask me any question you like beforehand and try out the first session for free 🙂